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Bed-wetting or nocturnal enuresis in medicinal termsrefers to the unintentional urination whether during sleep at night or in clothes during day time. It is a very common in children below the age of 7. But it becomes problematic when it continues thereafter.

Situations at which bed-wetting should be taken seriously:

  • When your child starts wetting even after the age of 7.

  • When your child restarts the bed-wetting after a few months or more of being dry at night.

  • Sometime bed-wetting is accompanied by painful urination, unusual thirst, pink or red urine, hard stool or snoring during sleep.

Some of the common causes of bed-wetting can be a small bladder, inability of the child to recognize full bladder, hormonal imbalance, and chronic constipation. If an adult is facing the problem of bed-wetting he might have diabetes.

At IIAS, irrespective of what the underlying cause is, we provide solutions for the bed-wetting using our kit. It gives a permanent relief from the all types of embarrassments one faces due to bed-wetting. Along with that, the kit helps in removing the underlying cause.

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Acupressure treatment is very easy and effective for bed wetting. Now is someone is not able to come to our centre for the regular treatment, can opt for the Bed Wetting kit.

This kit Includes....

  1. Training Chart for effective acupressure points for bed wetting
  2. Acupressure Machine (which is used to activate the points on the hand for 15 secs each).
  3. Byol Magnets ( these magnets are applied on the acupressure points which are given in the treatment chart )
  4. Indigo Water pyramid ( which helps to activate third eye chakra which tones the nerves and increase the control over urination).
  5. Red Water pyramid ( which helps to nourish muscles to have better control over urination).
  6. Training video C.D.

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