IIAS has been updating you from time to time about the severe health disasters in the form of terrible diseases so that our dream of transforming the world ‘disease-free’ would come true. Navel Displacement is one of the prominent health disorders related to navel. In the following article we are going to discuss about the importance of naval, causes of naval displacement, symptoms of navel displacement and Treatment for naval displacement, how stimulating acupressure points for naval displacement helps in eliminating the problem.  

Importance of Navel

Navel is one of the most important parts inside the human body. It plays a vital role in the circulation, development and control of human life.  Let us understand this in a simple way. A child is born and grows inside its mother's womb. Have you ever wondered through which part is the child connected to its mother? If you think its connected through the head or the heart? Then no. In fact, it is connected through the navel. The navel provides the energy of life to the child inside a mother's womb. Even the nutrients are supplied to the child through the navel. Then develops the heart and later on the brain. Hence, the navel centre remains alert and active right from the time of conception (inside mother’s womb) till the last breath of the person. In short, navel is the centre of man’s life-energy. A healthy navel centre keeps the person energetic, makes the muscles and nerves active and increases the memory. Therefore, a balanced navel is necessary for healthy body, mind and soul. A centred and balanced navel also prevents stomach related problems.

So, now that we know about the importance of navel.  Let us talk about why navel displacement occurs and what are the navel displacement causes.

Acupressure for Navel Displacement

Causes Of Navel Displacement

Normally, navel displacement is related to weakening of ligaments in the large intestine. There are many reasons for this imbalance which can be listed as follows:

  • lifting heavy weights
  • while playing or jumping
  • eating very spicy food
  • a sudden fall or jerk
  • losing control while walking because of some obstruction or holes on the road
  • some physical action which is done carelessly
  • emotional disturbance
  • jumping or landing on one leg or pressure falling on one leg
  • a sudden twisting or bending movement

Acupressure Navel Displacement Kit

Symptoms Of Navel Displacement

Navel is deeply related to our digestive system. It has been emerging as a fatal health disaster in which a patient can suffer from the following symptoms:

  • Excessive or scanty bleeding during menstrual period (in females)
  • Abdominal pain
  • Extended pain in back, thighs, buttocks and calves.
  • Constipation, vomiting and nausea (when navel has been moved upwards)
  • Diarrhoea or loose motion (when navel has gone down)
  • Impotency
  • Sudden weight gain and losses


Treatment For Naval Displacement

There are no medicines to cure the problem of naval displacement. Physical treatment is a must for solving this problem. Once cured, proper care should be taken as it can dislocate again very soon. Some people cure this problem of dislocation by massaging the area around navel. There are some yoga practices also that helps in curing the problem. Out of these many treatment techniques, acupressure is very effective technique.  Acupressure has been used for years to treat the problem of navel displacement. Let us see what are the acupressure points for naval displacement and how it works.

Navel Dislocation

Acupressure Points For Naval Displacement

Acupressure points for navel displacement are considered as the best remedy of curing it since acupressure therapy has the treasure of eminent devices such as hands, seeds, needles, cups, colors, magnets and so on with the help of which a patient suffering from the mentioned disorder can easily come out from such health trauma. Thus, feel secured and be assured to get entirely recovered from ‘navel displacement’ health disorder while undergoing the healing process via dexterous and tenacious acupressure experts who have dedicated their life to the hospitable deed of curing sufferers. Acupressure therapy has surety of hundred percent to get relieved from navel displacement. You can locate the acupressure points for Navel Displacement at the Central point on your right palm. This point represents navel of your body in acupressure  therapy. Stimulating this point using acupressure machine for 3 to 5 minutes helps in relocating the navel to its exact location. After this, apply 5 magnets at the point so that navel would not dislocate again.