Get pricked and be free from the Overweight Issue | Acupressure points for Weight Lose

Auricular acupuncture is now getting famous for getting free from all your weight loose problems. Every day working in a gym, following the diet plans which never the least consume all your power and energy but lastly lacks a wonderful life that you ever imagined while having those flavour candy. But the recent studies have found that Auricular acupuncture technique of getting good healthy body shape that one can easily desire is the best option that you can easily admire and have for a positive change in your life.

Story of Allison

A woman named Allison of 25 age tried auricular Acupuncture therapy. Allison felt a drastic change In her body shape after giving birth to her second child. Like others, Allison tried everything before getting this therapy done. Tried many things to loose her weight but nothing proved her right. Cleaning up her diet, was the most difficult things she added. But the last decision actually made her changed in the lifestyle that is Auricular Acupuncture therapy

How it works?

Step 1. You will get to lay down, where you will get pricked all over the body
Step2. You will be asked to lay down still for the next another 30 min
Step3. In the last you will be inserted the last needle
Step4. The last needle will get you something weird feeling and sudden turn in your body when the needle will be inserted onto your stomach.

These steps will be carried out for your Auricular Acupuncture therapy.

How does it look and felt like for the first time?

It’s not like that you are suddenly jumping into a Surgery or into a patient uniform. It will be just like a therapy session where your body will be all relaxed and calm during the time you are laid down. The last step of therapy may give you a slight needle punch onto your stomach but trust me better than your diet planning which actually took out your favourite dishes from your sight.

Ear acupuncture for weight lose

Ear acupuncture is a good positive light for all those who want to lose weight. If inserted five points instead of one added by researchers from Korea claimed by Study published in BMJ journal Acupuncture in medicine.

Activity conducted :
An activity was conducted lately about whether Ear Acupuncture for weight lose is good with 5points or 1points.

What was it?

Randomly 91people with 16men and 75women were taken. The random people were having body mass index equal to or greater than 23. None of the participants had received any other weight control treatments in the last 6months. The group was firstly divided into three groups:-

First group
Received the five-point acupuncture treatment
Second group
One point acupuncture treatment
Third group
The control sham treatment

During this procedure, each participant was asked not to take any other exercise like controlling on specific food supplements, gym training and etc other weight training activities. The weeks were followed with new needles inserted into the corresponding points on the other ear with the process being repeated again and again within the specific 8 weeks trial.

What was the result?

During the ear acupuncture for weight loose trial around 24 people dropped out, and 15 were in the control group, which suggested that they have a little difficulty to regulate their hunger and in following the lead of restricted diet. BMIs, waist circumference, body fat and blood pressure were all timely measured in the beginning, midway and in the final of the trial.
So, the participants who completed the trial, it was found a significant difference in the results.
During the midway point, the BMI with 5point treatment showed 6.1% reduction, while the one point group showed 5.7%reduction and lastly the sham group with no reduction at all. We can say that the active groups showed a significant weight loose Lastly, it was examined that five needle acupuncture treatment reduced measures of body fat. Also, there was no such difference in blood pressure between all the groups.

Acupressure points for weight loss

How easy it could be if you can loose easily by applying pressure on your body. It is less than a fairy tale story but more than the reality. You know what is the best thing about the Acupressure point for the weight lose that it does not take your lovely food kitchen from your stomach or involving any type of tough body shaping exercise like running or joining some luxurious gym.

How it works?

Acupressure points for weight loss focus on particular points present in your body which enables to apply acupressure.
For losing weight Acupressure need to be applied to these points after massaging on that area. After you have massaged and applied Acupressure, you are required to end it with a light massage on the same area.
6 points of acupressure for losing weight


Abdomen point

It is located 3 centimetres below the belly button. Apply Acupressure on this point by placing two of your fingers. Do it for 2min twice a day

Image result for Abdominal sorrow point

Abdominal sorrow point

Acupressure needed to be applied near the rib cage, under the last rib. For this, you need to curve your fingers, press it for 5 min every day.

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Ear point

For losing weight acupressure is located in your ear which helps you in controlling your appetite. Also reducing pressure around ears for treating symptoms of ear infection and migraine. You have to place your finger against the jaw while rubbing it up and down. Then press it for a minute.

Image result for knee point for weight loss

Knee point

The acupressure is done 2inches below the knee cap on the outer side of the legs. It helps in improving the digestion process and nourish the blood. You have to apply the Acupressure on this point for one minute with your forefinger. Apply it for 2minutes every day.

Image result for elbow point for weight loss

Elbow point

This point is located on the inner side of the elbow crease towards the end. The Acupressure on this place helps in stimulating the intestinal function by removing excess heat and unwanted moisture from the body.

Image result for ankle point for weight loss

Ankle point

This point is located in the inner side of the leg which is 2 inches above the ankle, just off the bone. It helps in strengthening the digestive system and helps in the better function of your body. Apply this for 2minutes with your thump and after that release it slowly.

At last loose it happily without skipping what you love to, no hard work just a aim. Shoot it when you plan to do so.