Acupressure Equipment

Acupressure is an ancient healing technique which are used till date worldwide for the cure of several diseases and injuries. Originated from China, this ancient technique has travelled far around the world and has been accepted as a highly accurate medical field. Although, many practitioners prefer to give therapy with their hands, various equipment are also available to conduct the acupressure therapy on the patient. These equipment can also be used by a person on his own.

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  1. Acupressure Jimmy- Acupressure Jimmy is a wooden or metal rod on which there are several pyramid shaped points which are designed to activate the acupressure points whenever they press one. They are available in different sizes according to the size and shape of the body part on which you are going to use it. They can be rolled in your hand, foot, legs, thighs, stomach, shoulder, between fingers and thumb, waist and even on your back. These acupressure jimmy are very effective in muscular pain and are also helpful in regulating blood circulation, and improving digestion.

    Acupressure Jimmy

  2. Byol Magnet- Byol Magnets are small, circular magnets with dual polarity with a diameter of approximately 5 millimetres. The two ends of the magnet are coloured differently to represent the north and south poles of the magnet. These magnets are used for sedating and toning or we can say increase or decrease the energy level in a particular part of the body. If you increase the energy level of the body part make the yellow part or the north pole of the magnet touch the skin of the body part while the other end is visible to the eyes. For decreasing the energy level of a body part just reverse the direction of the magnet.

    Byol Magnet

  3. Acupressure Balls- Acupressure balls are mainly used when you want to target a specific body part for the acupressure process. They are very efficient for the myofascial release in specific muscles. These acupressure balls are available in different densities and can be used while standing against a wall, lying on a surface or sitting comfortably. Balls of different densities can be used according to the strength and problem in the targeted body part. For further usage details contact a doctor or an acupressure therapist.

    Acupressure Ball

  4. Acupressure Ring- Acupressure ring is used for applying acupressure on the fingers of your hands or your toes. To use this acupressure ring you have to roll the ring from the base of the finger or toe to the tip of the finger or toe, several times in succession. Ring is to be used on all the fingers for a period of about half to one minute and this process has to be repeated for two to three times in a day. If you want specific treatment, use the ring on that particular area of the finger or toe.

    Acupressure Rings

  5. Surgical Paper Tapes- These paper tapes are used to fix seeds or magnets over a part of the body. Although the tape doesn’t have a special purpose but is used mainly with seeds and byol magnets to affix them over the affected body part for acupressure therapy. When in use it must be kept in mind that if you wash the area too much the tape will come lose.

    Surgical Acupressure Tapes

  6. Pyramid Plate- This acupressure device is used for the treatment and toning of the body with the help of the several pyramid shaped points which are present on its surface which are helpful in stimulating the acupressure points on the body. To use this device you have to stand erect on the plate, first using one leg at a time you have to do sit ups and then do the same using both legs. This whole process should be done for about 5 minutes, two to three times in a day, for best results.

    Acupressure Pyramid Plate

There can be several other acupressure devices available in the market but the basic acupressure devices are covered here and you won’t be needing any other acupressure device you learn to use the above listed devices properly.