Acupressure can not only heal and improve internal body organs' functionality but also the external body parts. Acupressure points for facial glow enhance the radiance of the skin and increases the beauty. Who doesn't want a glowing healthy skin and who doesn't want to get all that attention. A large number of beauty products are available in the market. The makers of these products claim to have produced products that are herbal and good for skin and guarantee to protect the skin from the harmful chemicals, affects of pollution, harmful sunrays etc. These cosmetics have become the need for the society. People spend a large amount of their income on these products. The harsh  reality is that in order to get huge profits by selling these products, their quality is always compromised. These beauty products does not provide any benefits to the skin instead they effect the skin in a very bad and irreparable manner.  And we end up having a dull and wrinkled face. Not just skin related problems but also problems alike headache, ageing, eye problems, allergies, cancer and other chronic diseases.

Home Tips for Facial Glow

On the other hand, acupressure points for facial glow can be really helpful in order to deal with any kind of skin related problems. The main advantage of using these acupressure points for facial glow is that they do  not have any kind of side effects on the skin or the body in any way. The dullness of skin may be result from one of the following cause:

  1. Pollution
  2. Poor diet
  3. Sun exposure
  4. Wrong skincare
  5. Lack of sleep

One can apply following acupressure points for facial glow on a regular basis and get the benefits from this ancient therapy:

  1. Spleen 6 (Sp6)

Spleen is an abdominal organ involved in the production and removal of blood cells. It is a small organ with multiple functionalities. It plays a vital role in the process of digestion of food. If you want a glowing healthy skin you must start with your digestion. Among other major functions, our digestive system is the main place where our body absorbs beauty nutrients from the food we eat, also the main place where all the toxins are dispelled through elimination. Hence, a healthy spleens means a healthy glowing you.

The Sp6 point can be located on the inner sides of both the legs above the ankles. This point is linked with the spleen organ. Apply gentle pressure on this point for a few seconds. Repeat the process for 4-5 times in one go. Applying pressure on the specified area on a regular basis will increase the glow of the skin.

  1. Stomach 36 (S36)

The dullness on a face comes from abnormal stomach activities. Hence, in order to get good glowing skin, it becomes necessary to stimulate the stomach points. The St 36 point is very easy to locate. Place your four fingers below the knee cup. You will be able to find a muscle twitching when your leg is folded and stretched. This point is St36 point. Apply firm pressure and massage gently at this point for 10 to 15 seconds. Repeat this whole process for 4-5 times a day to get benefits for skin.  

  1. Large Intestine 11 (Li11)

Large Intestine 11 is also called as ‘Pool at the Bend’ or 'Pool at the crook' . One of the reasons vanishing of the glow of the skin is presence of excessive heat in the body. The Li11 point is helpful in reducing heat in the body as well as in reducing the stress. Not just the body, it is also helpful in reducing heat in the blood which in turn brings the glow to the face. This point may be located at the lateral side of the elbow.   

  1. Governing Vessel 24.5 (GV24.5)

Governing vessel 24.5 or simply the third eye point is located exactly in the middle of the eyebrows. It is one of the most common points used in the acupressure therapy. Besides several health benefits that it provides, it is also helpful in enhancing the glow of the skin. This is the point of the pituitary gland. Apply pressure at this point for almost one minute using the thumb. Stimulating this point helps in proper functioning of the pituitary gland and in getting blemish free glowing skin.   

  1. Gall Bladder 14 (GB14)

The Gall Bladder 14 point or GB 14 point (Yang White in English)  is situated on the forehead directly above the pupil (when looking straight). A firm pressure and gentle massage at this point for ten to fifteen minutes is enough to get a good glowing skin.   

  1. Large Intestine 20 (Li20)

Known as 'Welcome Fragrance', the large intestine 20 or the Li20 point is located besides the nostrils and at both the sides of the cheeks. This point helps in reducing excess heat from the body and less heat in the body means a god healthy skin.   

  1. Stomach 4 (St4)

Also named as the 'Earth Granary Point', the Stomach 4 or simply St4 point can be located directly below the pupil, lateral to the corner of the mouth. This is the facial beauty point and is very effective for healthy and glowing skin. It is helpful in the treatment of dry mouth problem which makes the face appear dull. Stimulating this point increases the blood circulation of the cheeks and make them appear reddish in colour. It also increases the glow. Applying gentle pressure at this point to get the benefits.  

Acupressure is power for facial rejuvenation. It increases the skin's ability of self healing, softens the skin and smoothens the wrinkles, prevents skin ageing and promotes normal secretion of sweat and oil from the skin pores. Regularity is the most important factor in acupressure therapy. Acupressure points for facial glow are helpful only if pressure is applied at accurate points and for specified amount of time. Anyone can get benefits from the above mentioned acupressure points for facial glow. The above mentioned points for facial glow are best to our knowledge. However, it is advised that expert advice is always preferable in applying these acupressure points for facial glow.