Human beings are the remarkable creation of god but there are innumerable differences among all regarding various characteristics such as sensitivity. Allergies are triggered due to sensitivity as per attack of particular allergen such as pollens, dust or animal dander on only those individuals who have sensitive immune system. The skillful team of acupressure therapists associated with International institute of alternate science has conducted after repetitive reviews that Allergic Rhinitis is caused due to allergic inflammation of nasal airways. They claim that this disease is occurred by inhalation of allergens which eventually attack immune system of our body.

The hospitable service of our dexterous acupressure therapists has perfect remedy to curb this allergic problem of nasal airway. Acupressure for allergic rhinitis has been utilized for relieving the allergic sensitive people from this diseases’ adverse effect with the aid of seeds, needles, cups, colors, magnet or any other modality as per recommendation of those specialists. So that allergy enduring patients can be cured without any medicine. The experience of our acupressure therapists enables them to spot the actual allergen‘s effect right after medical counseling of the patients which helps them to conclude the apt reason of causing allergic rhinitis. Hence, they try to improve their immune system in order to combat their allergic disorder conveniently.

‘Cure is sure for the patients who are suffering from 














































































































































































































































Allergic Rhinitis, either less or more.’


1- Who lives near by , They can regularly visit our centre for this highly effective treatment where our experts will stimulate the special points with the help of Acupressure machine and will apply magnets on those points.

2- Who live far from our centre or can not visit our centre regularly due to their busy life , they can order the treatment kit which will include the machine, magnets, treatment chart, Pyramids and all the instructions to use the kit at home by self help.