Ankle pain is a common foot related complaint that can be either chronic or acute pain. The expert team indulged in acupressure for ankle pain has concluded the reasons of causing ankle pain as follows:

  • Acute ankle pain:
  • Trauma or injury
  • Sprained ankle due to sports injury.
  • Twist of ankle damaging ligaments and tissues nearby it.
  • Stress on tendons and nerves.
  • Obesity
  • Weight lifting
  • Too much exercise
  • Chronic ankle pain:

The expert team of international institute of alternate science that provides remedy via acupressure for ankle painkeenly observes the condition of the patients before recommending or experimenting with any device of implementing acupressure therapy such as seeds, magnets, colors, hands, needles and other modalities to exert pressure on the blocked blood veins. Acupressure therapists have gained such expertise that they can cure any kind of ankle pain with much ease and comfort. International Institute of alternate science is immensely proud to admire and praise the hospitable deed of our acupressure therapists who have been contributing their service for the welfare of our mankind with the assurance of positive result in recovery of ankle pain instantly.

Acupressure for ankle pain which is a natural treatment, reduces the stress related to ankle disorders like sprain’.