Back pain arises the killing like situation due to its appalling unbearable effect. This severe ache is associated with spinal column. Nearly 20 million nerve fibers pass through spinal cord those help in the conduction of information from brain to muscles, intestinal organs and all over the body and vice-versa.

 Here, at our therapy centre there are many healing alternatives available to solve out this miserable condition of your back pain. Generally, people tend to ignore the preliminary reasons of conceiving this pain. But our health experts make the people aware about the root causes of this problem. Some of these are here for your notice and information:

  • Poor posture
  • Stress
  • Over weight
  • Sharp movements
  • Injury due to sudden fall
  • Poor nutrition
  • Infection and tumor also

The above mentioned points in addition to many more reasons are summarized and elaborated to patients via counseling at our centre. We bring a great delight with total resurrection for the pain bearing sufferers those need the aid of our innumerable therapies such as acupressure, seed therapy and color therapy also. So, before it becomes too late, rush to grab the opportunity of receiving our helping hands.