Acupressure treats many diseases including the ones related to the eyes. You will be surprised to know that acupressure treats many such eye ailments that cannot be treated otherwise. Acupressure has solution for Myopia (Short-sightedness), Hypermetropia (long sightedness), presbyopia, cataract, glaucoma, astigmatism, diploma, amblyopia (lazy eye), night blindness, color blindness and many other eye ailments. Exerting an accurate pressure on certain reflex points can treat your impossible eye diseases. In this article we will discuss about the location of reflex points associated with eyes.

The principal reflex point pertaining to the eyes are situated at the tase of index and middle fingers. Or you can find these points where the fingers meet the palm of hand as well as the fingers meet the sole of the feet. Don’t treat yourself for one eye but both. These points must be pressed with the thumb or any other rubber or wooden instrument. You should also tenderly massage these points in between except for this prime reflex point for eyes. There are other reflex points also that exists in the body. These reflex points can be considered as secondary reflex points to cure eye diseases. Eye and brain are related to each other. Therefore you can press the reflex points existing at the finger tips of both hands and feet.

The upper neck also nourishes the eyes. The other reflex points that must be pressed to cure the eye ailments are situated at the outer, inner and upper portions of thumb and toe of feet and hand respectively.

Another secondary reflex point is located at the place where your skull ends on your back. This point must be pressed for the better circulation of blood to treat eye diseases. Many eye diseases can even be treated by applying pressure on the first two fingers of both hands.

The reflex centers for the eyes are also located in the triangular part which is formed between the thumb and index finger on both hands. Press and cure your eye ailments.