The good news of the child birth fills the heart of every parent and relative with happiness and smile. But the disclosure of any health problem during pregnancy can easily bring tears in the eyes of the near and dear ones. “Fibroid” is a non-cancerous tumors that is found inside the womb (uterus). These fibroids are made up of muscle and fibrous tissues which can be different in size.

Our beneficial therapists are very much experienced who have successfully treated innumerable “Fibroid” cases. First, they diagnose the gynecological test or scan thoroughly and then provide the excellent suitable therapy of acupressure to the needy patients. We try our level best to restore joy and smile on the face of suffering mothers by improving blood circulation using acupressure needles, seeds and other aids at our health center.

The blessings of the benefited parents encourage us to extend our helping hands to the wide spread needy patients of “Fibroids”. Our generosity is meant only for you. Visit our website to get the solutions of your health related queries.