International institute of alternate science is on the mission of releasing the world from the cage of perilous hold of either acute or chronic diseases. The commonest problem of Hair Fall has been clutching innumerable people in its grip. The nasty trends of fashion, genetic disorders, carelessness, stress, inadequate supply of nutrients, alopecia aerates (attack of immunity system on hair follicles) and inheritance are some of the basic reasons due to which hair tend to fall.

Although there are several hair treatment alternatives for curing your precious tresses yet prevailing trends go with hair transplant and grafting and use of hair care products such as hair serum, conditioner, gel etc. Acupressure for hair fall is one of those primeval techniques that has been miraculously restoring the strength and vigor of hair that is essential for preserving hair from being fallen. The incredibility of acupressure therapy is that the devices, such as needles, hands, cups, colors, magnets and other modalities used in it, induces pressure on the blocked blood veins those are troubling to circulate blood to necessary hair follicles’ root so that they can ve revivified.

 Acupressure of hair fall has been provided via the expertise hands of acupressure experts so that no scarcity can ever be left to in the treatment of curing falling hair. These acupressure experts are committed to their profession, therefore, be assured since we have every substitute to treat your hair for sure.

Hair beautifies an individual’s personality. Polluted environment poses as the scary enemy of beautiful hair. Alas! We might have a magical wand to cure hair fall. No issues if we don’t have any magic as cure sinceacupressure for hair fall is here as its perfect cure.

At International Institute of Alternate Science (IIAS), Dr. Jagmohan Sachdeva and his skilled team of acupressure therapists act on the root cause of hair fall to eliminate this disorder. Acupressure for hair fallresolves the disorder of hair fall caused by:

  •    Fashion
  •    Genetic disorder
  •     Stress
  •     Lack of nutrients
  •     Alopecia aerates
  •     Hereditary issues

As various medicinal practices as diverse aftermaths. Acupressure ensures no drawback but only good effect. Inducing pressure through various modalities can do wonder to your hair. Veteran acupressure therapists act on the specific acupressure points for hair growth to channelise pressure that eventually, smoothens flow of blood. Eventually, falling hair begins to stop. Moreover, it gets strong, voluminous, dark, lustrous and healthy. The follicles, those have stopped working and producing new hair, surely go active. Treatment for hair fall via acupressure is emerging as the best therapy that brings out excellent result.