The ambitious mission of International institute of alternate science is to create awareness about the beneficiaries of various techniques of treatment among which acupressure therapy has been emerging as a remedial treatment that is easy to cure and keeps you healthy for sure.

Joint pain is one of the dominant health threats that keeps hurting your knee while walking, running or even moving from one spot to another. The reasons of this diseases’ rising can be knee injury, wear and tear of joint, arthritis or osteoporosis and pinched nerves which all can be treated with the aid of various equipments of acupressure such as seeds, magnet, color, needles and other modalities. The principal, on which this charismatic therapy of acupressure works, is putting ‘pressure’. Pressure is exerted through the aforementioned devices of acupressure on the joint pain creating blocked blood veins so that life irrigating and energizing blood would flow smoothly to the joint pain area of the body. This frequent flow of blood to that joint provide immediate relief to the patients. Acupressure for joint pain has sent countless patients to their houses after a complete recovery from this remedial therapy.

The expertise of our acupressure therapists while treating via acupressure for joint pain is recommendable and the nominee of receiving accolades since the experience, dedication and dexterity of incorporated acupressure therapists of international institute of alternate science are devoting their life to the supreme service of conserving mankind from the risk of various health disorders.

Can smooth movements without joints ever be possible? No doubt, joints play key role in it. Since uncertainty seems ready to catch its prey thus, it’s quite hard to live the whole life without meeting any accident. Luckily, if we escape the accidents till 40s even then also, we have to undergo degeneration. It means that bones and joints are to be abrasive. Continuous abrasion leads to joint pain. Joint pain is emerging as the commonest pain hitting wide part of human population.

Some other causes leading to joint pain treatment are:

  • Knee injury
  • Wear & tear of joint
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Pinched nerves
  • Strain on knee etc.

Dr. Jagmohan Sachdeva, the head of International Institute of Alternate Science (IIAS), has introduced revolutionary therapy of acupressure to the sick community. Acupressure for joint pain has shown miraculous recoveries, especially in Knee joint pain treatment. Veteran acupressure specialist Dr. Jagmohan Sachdeva provides sure results using various modalities to execute acupressure for joint pain.

Knowing well that the obstacle in blood channels is the root cause of all pain, he has been executing his expertise on specific acupressure points cure. Bedecked with the best tricks and techniques, he introduces pressure to the blood veins for channelizing energy to various organs. Acupressure points for joint pain are cleverly picked to induce pressure and his dexterous guidance shows remarkable results curing joint pain.