Our exaggerated and spoilt eating habits have not been coming to an end. How can one stop the water that starts springing out of the salivary glands automatically due to tempting smell of delicious dishes? But we must remember it always that excess of anything leads to ruin.

Kidneys are the internal filtering organs that act as a sieve to separate the undigested food inside the body. Red meat, alcohol, carbonated beverages and mineral salt in drinking water can formulate crystals of uric acid and phosphates or calcium oxalate that would injure the duct of kidneys. Acupressure therapy enhances the immunity of the body by putting pressure on certain body point so that the body itself becomes eligible of combating the kidney troubles. As a result of which the following kidney problems cannot make you fall ill:

  • Pain during urination that extends towards the back then to abdomen and eventually to the genital areas.
  • Inflammatory sensation during urination.
  • Secretion of blood with urine.

So, be aware of kidney troubles and feel at ease while calling our Acupressure experts.