Extraction of undigested food and fibers is the function of liver that has the caliber to dispose the toxins that may make us sufferer if the toxin inside our body occurs. As we are already familiar with the fact that liver is a natural sieve that eliminates waste and undigested food that secretes toxin in our body. The adverse effects of reserved waste product bring a real threat to your body because your liver has stopped performing its functioning properly.

Our Acupressure experts are committed to lift you out of all the liver troubles that can be visualized in the form of ‘Jaundice’ and ‘Toxin in the liver’. The advantageous aid of seeds, needles, hands, colors and magnet while applying acupressure therapy can wonderfully heal the liver problems of whose effect can be visible instantly right from the first day of receiving acupressure treatment.

“Healthy liver will keep you happy forever” it’s the surety of our experts of acupressure.