International Institute of Alternate Science has been leading ahead with the supreme and kind motto of healing the innocent victims of perilous diseases via various treatment techniques such as acupressure therapy. Acupressure for Menopause Syndrome adds one more alternate of treating Menopause Syndrome that can hit the women of 50 plus age group.

Menopause syndrome is the disease that can be noticed through uncertain ceasing of menses in females. Premature menopause can be occurred before 40 years of age due to ovarian failure that can be genetic or autoimmune disorder. The notable reasons which acupressure experts have found are stress, depression due to bereavement from near or dear ones, anxiety, divorce etc. They confirm about the disastrous psychological and physical defects in the victim of Menopause Syndrome that pulls her into the pit of distress.

Acupressure for Menopausal Syndrome is the best remedy for treating this appalling disease since acupressure therapy involves the usage of seeds, magnets, colors, needles, hands and other modalities for exerting pressure on the troubling particular body parts. The profound knowledge of our acupressure therapists can conveniently eradicate this disease from its root.