You might have noticed at least one or two cases of motion sickness during your journey in any vehicle such as car, train, bus or aircraft. Haven’t you understood about which disease we are trying to mention you? Dizziness or feeling unconscious, tiredness and nausea or vomiting are the visible symptoms of motion sickness. It is also known as kinetosis or travel sickness.

‘’ is indulged in informing the tragic sufferers about the exact cause of health related troubles that may bring you in the severe state of incurable condition. According to our acupressure therapists, motion sickness is resulted due to lack of coordination between the inner ear and the eyes. Our inner ear sends the message of being in motion to the brain while the eyes transmit stillness of the body to it. But the brain reaches to conclusion of being caught in hallucination due to poison ingestion. As a result, it orders to vomit so that the toxin would come out in response while travelling in any transport.

Magnets, colors, seeds and other acupressure accessories provide an instant relief to our clients as ‘our therapists bring to you the fitness either it may be severe or mild motion sickness’.