The incorporated doctors and acupressure experts of ‘International institute of alternate science’ have the only agenda in their mind to make the world disease-free where only prosperity would prevail as carefree.

Acupressure for nasal polyps gives International institute of alternate science an edge over other health resurrecting clinics and institutions as the doctors of this institution have gained expertise for subscribing maximum benefits to the patients via their fruitful hospitable deeds. Their incredible experience has the capability of treating Nasal polyps with ease and dexterity.

The blockage of air passage to rectum, small intestine membranes, bladder and uterus can be caused due to an uncertain growth inside nose that is called ‘nasal polyps’. Our acupressure therapists have concluded the reasons of growing polyps that can be heredity, bad nutritional diet and inflamed glands (in exceptional cases).The unique method of utilizing hands, needles, colors, magnets, seeds along with some other modalities by these acupressure therapists have been proven as miraculous act while treating its patients successfully. The basic mantra of their incredible treatment technique lies in improving blood circulation that is channelized through various blood veins. The attained experience excels their work of treating patients since they instantly come to know the point of blockage on the body due to which polyps has been outburst. Thus, they tenaciously come into action for liberalizing the patients via acupressure for nasal polyps.

Our promise is to treat nasal polyps without much causing strain and pain of stitches.