Acupressure is a very effective Therapy for Sexual Power enhancement. Acupressure has been used to boost up sex power. Acupressure Therapy gives  lot of benefit in Early Ejaculation problem which is very common these days. Stress is one of the major factor and another factor is Diabetes. It is very common problem in Diabetic patients that they loose their sexual strength and their sexual life get affected. Many of them even face erection problem and get ejaculated even before penetration. Condition become more worst when they eat very hot tendency medicines to regain that power which instead of helping them creates more complications.

Now need not to worry. We have highly effective treatment for all the above mentioned problems without medicine. There are very special Acupressure points to boost the sexual stamina and Specific points for firm erection. This treatment helps the diabetic patients even and have no side effects. There are two process for the treatment.