IIAS has been surpassing various dimensions of providing remedial treatments with effective healing therapy that is popularly known as Acupressure. Slip disc has become a common health disorder now-a-days that mostly seem agonized by its perilous pain. Discs are basically shock absorbing pads among the bones of the spine those actually do not slip but move, split, rupture or the gel of the disc may get induced into the surrounding tissues  which hinder the proper functioning of herniated disc, nearby tissues and cartilage and hence, cause immense unbearable pain.

The acupressure therapists conclude the following symptoms of slip disc in an individual:

  • Pain
  • Numbness
  • Weakness around the damaged disc

alternatesciences.com is immensely proud of taking initiative for establishing cheer and happiness on the face of slip disc disorder enduring people via the healing aid of acupressure for slip disc in which acupressure experts exert pressure on the pain conceiving nerves utilizing seeds, hands, magnets, needle, cupping etc. for incarnating prompt relief at the slip disc affected body organ. The miraculous therapy of acupressure for slip disc has shown applaudable result due to dedication and charismatic remedial acupressure doctors of whose expertise and experience are matchless. The assurance of complete alleviation from the health disorder slip disc is guaranteed because our acupressure experts are promising, eminent and dexterous of acupressure therapy. They know very well where the shoe pinches.  Thus, feel free from the idea of being trapped in risk as acupressure therapy is there to treat slip disc.