Want to get rid of spondylitis, Acupressure Therapy is the best ancient system for healing Mind, Body and Spirit which instant gives results in treating  spondylits though medication is too expensive for life long with little relief and so many precautions See how often pressing acupressure points with in few minutes  you can get pain relief, but longer and lasting result  work acupressure with magnets can do wonder.

It has no side effects and no expense of medicine.

Reasons for spondylitis

There are many reasons of spondylitis, it occurs when one vertebra slips slightly forward over another vertebra.The displaced bone may pinch the sciatic nerve where it leaves the spine .Spondalytis is a comman condition of a vertebral column is compressed and flow of energy get restricted in the nerves at the cervical i.e. neck region, which later penetrates in the lower areas of the body causing pain and discomfort, bad posture, poor sleeping habbit, thyroid,low intake of calcium, lack of exercise, metro lifestyle etc.

Acupressure is the best therapy for spondylitis

Pressing or gives healing to particular points that passes the blockage of particular meridian or point in the form of micro crystals in the body. Energy flows freely and positively so benefit occurs naturally. So Acupressure generates positive flow of Chi or life force through the body which helps to improve the fast relief for spondylitis.