‘The promise of keeping you healthy with the precious practice of acupressure therapy’ is the most sacred vow of international institute of alternate science that feels heartiest proud for being incorporated with one of the most tenacious and dedicated team of acupressure doctors.

UTI or Urinary tract infection is an infection connected to bladder and kidneys since these are the prime internal body organs those throw body waste out of the body. Our large intestine is more prone to transmit infection from there to urethra and from there to bladder and kidney. Our acupressure experts’ advice women to remain more cautious since their urethra is relatively smaller than that of men that makes it easy to spread the germs of infection conveniently to the defecating organs like bladder and kidney. Incorporated acupressure doctors confirm the mar of UTI via evidencing the following symptoms:

  • Burning sensation during urination.
  • Belly feels heavy and tender.
  • Emission of foul small from urine.
  • Pain at one side of the back under your rib where your kidney is located.
  • Fever, Nausea and vomiting
  • Diabetes, weak immunity system and Kidney problem
  • Pregnancy
  • Age above 65.

Acupressure for Urinary tract infection or UTI has the surety of completed relief from this disease since they have some magical devices like seeds, magnets, colors, hands and needles etc. to carry on their treatment. Their dexterous acupressure performing hands have the magic of incarnating life into the infectious urinary tract via exerting pressure.