The word ‘fatty’ instantly evokes the picture of a gluttonous body. Over eating, heredity disorder and other health related diseases such as ‘Thyroid’ give birth to weighty issues that would definitely diminish the sufferer’s self-esteem, confidence and morale. Not only this, it can permit a clear signal to other severe health problems such as diabetes, heart diseases, cancer and osteoarthritis which may become difficult to be sorted out. knows it well where the disease is pinching the nerves of the patients and the team effort of our acupressure therapists treat the obesity or accumulation of fats and cholesterol with perfect expertise. They suggest that burning or utilization of the reserved fat is essential otherwise ‘weight loss’ becomes incurable and in certain cases it leads to infertility also. Instead of doing fasting, dieting or exercise our acupressure therapists provide remedy to reduce fats by using colors, seeds and magnets etc. for stimulating the metabolism of the body. These remedial things pulls pressure on the blocked blood circulatory veins and ultimately, bring your body in perfect shape.

‘Beat the weight before it is too late and don’t hesitate as we provide you the best acupressure aid’.