Acupressure is an ancient healing technique that has been used for cure and prevention of almost every disease and joint pain. It is an alternative treatment therapy which is similar to the principle of acupuncture but no needles are used in this technique. It is more of a self-treatment. There are hundreds of acupressure points on our body. Each point refers to a different kind of healing point. The only challenge in this technique is to locate correct and accurate locations for the healing points. Wrongly locating a point will not bring any kind of relief to the aforesaid problem. Stimulating correct points brings lots of relief. Auricular therapy is a part of this ancient healing technique. Let us talk about auricular therapy and see how it can be helpful.   

The outer part of the ear is termed as auricle. Auricular therapy works on the theory that the ear is a microsystem, which reflects the entire body. The stimulation of the auricle for the diagnosis and treatment of several kinds of pain and other chronic diseases is a well-known technique in the field of acupressure. This technique is termed as auricular therapy. Ear acupressure is one tool that can be used anywhere, anytime to keep away any kind of health problem. In this article we will learn about auricular therapy for knee pain.

Auricular Therapy Knee Pain

Be it a child, an adult or an old person, knee problem is common among all. One major reason behind the problem of Knee Pain is today’s fast life where people are too busy to have time for themselves. The severity of knee pain may change from one person to another depending on the cause of the problem. It may be located either in the front area that is on the knee cap or in the area behind the knees. It may increase till the calves and heels or ankle joints. There are several acupressure points for knee pain which are also good and effective remedy for the pain caused in knees. But in today’s article we will focus only on the points that are located on the auricle. Before that let us talk about some symptoms that may accompany knee pain:

  • Swelling along with stiffness in the knee
  • Redness on the affected area
  • Crunching or popping noises while moving
  • Inability to fully extend the knee or the leg
  • Unable to bear weight

Auricular therapy or ear acupressure for knee pain is not a costly treatment. So, it becomes easily accessible to anyone and everyone. Not only knee pain it can help you reduce symptoms of many diseases and this way you can keep yourself happy and healthy.

Auricular therapy or ear acupressure is a simple process. All you need to do this simple technique, are some auricular therapy seeds or small magnets or press balls.  First of all, locate the points for knee pain in the ear. These points are for internal knee pain, external knee pain, calf pain, ankle joint pain and heel pain. After locating the correct points, stimulate the points a little. After doing so, put the seeds at the specific areas at the outside portion of your ears. Small adhesive band-aids are often used to hold the small metal ball or the seed onto a specific area of the ear to provide a maintained pressure at that ear reflex point.

Repeat the whole process as often as needed. Although it is an easy process. However, it is advised to take an expert advice initially. Once you have learned all the points, you can practice this at your home.