Auricular therapy is a process of stimulating ear acupressure points for the purpose of healing of different body parts. It is believed that the ear is a place where one can locate multiple points that helps in relieving from a large number of problems. Auricular therapy is also known as ear acupressure. In this article we will discuss about auricular therapy for wrist pain. Pain in any part of body is bad. And if it persists for longer period of time then it causes irritation and puts stress on the mind. Inability to do any work leads to frustration. Any kind of pain should be treated as soon as it’s symptoms start to appear. Diagnosis and treatment of any disease or pain are equally important. Diagnosis helps in finding out the exact problem.

Auricualr Therapy for wrist pain


Fractures from sudden injuries or sprain can cause wrist pain at any point of time. If we talk about long term problems such as carpel tunnel syndrome, arthritis or repetitive stress, wrist pain can be caused by any of these. As we can see, there can be various factors behind wrist pain, diagnose becomes a crucial part in the treatment because proper treatment can only be started only after knowing the cause behind the pain.


We will discuss about symptoms of wrist pain in this section. The severity of wrist pain may vary, depending upon the cause of the pain. A dull toothache kind of pain means osteoarthritis pain, while if a pins-and-needles feeling or a tingling sensation is felt then it is caused due to carpal tunnel syndrome. Not just the severity of the pain, sometimes the precise location of your wrist pain also helps in detecting the reason behind the pain.

First aid to the problem includes icing the area having pain and not to carry heavy load or not performing any kind of physical activity with the wrist suffering pain. If the medical condition shows a progress and pain decreases then there is no need to see a doctor but if no sign of improvement is seen then it is advisable to go and consult an expert before the problem increases. Any delay in diagnosis and treatment may lead to long term disability and poor healing.


Here we will talk about some of the causes of wrist pain. A wrist pain can affect your ability to use your hand and it may be pain full to even move the hand at times. Wrist pain can happen to anyone at any point of time.


  • Sudden jerk: When a person falls the very first thing that hits the hard surface downwards are the hands and during this fall the wrists are pushed so hard. This can cause multiple problems such as strains, sprains, and even fractures. This type of fracture is sometimes not visible on the X-rays immediately after the injury.
  • Frequent stressful use: Repetitive wrist movement such as keyboarding can cause severe wrist pain. This type of pain usually occurs with players like tennis player or hockey player from hitting a tennis ball. The tissues around the joints gets hurt by such activities on regular basis for longer hours.


The wrist pain can be treated in many ways. But most of them have side effects. These side effects then cause many other health related issues. The best way to treat wrist pain is using auricular therapy for wrist pain.

The human ear is home of remedies for hundreds for problems. Auricular therapy has been very well developed in recent years and widely used in clinical practice. Ear acupressure has a positive result in the prevention and treatment of disease. The most favourable characteristic of auricular therapy is pain control. It stops pain immediately and that too very effectively. It is especially very useful for critical soft tissue injury and post-surgical pain.  Auricular therapy is easy to useand it also costs less.

The point distribution on ear is very specific for every different part. No special equipment is used for auricular therapy. The pressure is applied using fingers only and the results are good enough.

There are no side effects of this treatment. It is the safest technique to treat such problem.   


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