Acupressure is an ancient technique that has been used for cure and prevention of almost every disease and joint pain. There are several acupressure points for knee pain which are also good and effective remedy for the pain caused in knees. Be it a youngster or an old person, knee pain can happen to anyone. One major reason of Knee Pain is today’s fast life where people are too busy to have time for themselves. The severity of knee pain may vary from person to person depending on the cause of the problem. It may be located either on the knee cap (in the front area) or in the area behind knees. Symptoms that may accompany knee pain include:

  • Swelling along with stiffness in the knee
  • Redness on the affected area
  • Crunching or popping noises while moving
  • Inability to fully extend the knee or the leg
  • Unable to bear weight

Following are the most effective acupressure points for knee pain:

  • Three Mile Point

The three mile point may be found two to four inches below the kneecap and one centimetre away from the shinbone. Applying pressure on this point with the index and middle finger for five minutes will give strength to the whole body. It will provide relief from knee pain in a very short span of time.

  • Calf’s Nose Point

The calf nose acupressure point for knee pain is useful for getting relief in stiffness in the Knee. This point is located at outer side portion of the Knee Cap on both the legs. Work on this area with your fingers by applying same pressure all over and moving the fingers in circular motion.

  • Nourishing Valley Point

Nourishing Valley Point is a very effective acupressure point for Knee Pain. It is located exactly on backside of the Kneecap (at inner edge of the Knee Crease). You can find the exact place of Nourishing Valley Point in the hollow between tendons. This reflex point will help you get rid of knee pain as well as abdominal pain and genital disorders gradually. To apply acupressure points for knee, put your fingers on the Nourishing Valley Point with a firm pressure. Move the fingers up and down in a continuous manner with regular pressure to stimulate the point. Massage the point five to six minutes on both the legs. Repeat the same process everyday to get better and faster results. 

  • Sunny Side of Mountain Point

Sunny Side of Mountain Point Acupressure point for knee pain is most effective when the Knee Pain is high. This Acupressure points for Knee Pain can be used to get quick relief. It is situated below the Kneecap and on frontal head of the shinbone. Massage the point on regular basis to see the results.

  • Shady Side of Mountain Point

Shady Side of Mountain Acupressure Point for knee pain is useful to heal many problems. The point can be spotted on below down of the Kneecap. It is exactly located inside the leg, below the bulge  and on head of the shinbone. You can reach to the Shady Side of Mountain Point by seeing the picture given below.

  • Commanding Activity Point

Commanding Activity Acupressure Point for knee pain is helpful in healing stiffness of Knee. It is located on the backside of your Kneecap. Applying pressure on this point with thumb or index finger gives relief in knee pain. Massage this point for at least five to seven minutes at a time.

The knee pain may be chronic or temporary one. A temporary knee pain may be a result of an injury or accident or due to falling down during running or jogging. There are several remedies for knee pain in the medical science like therapies, medicines and massage creams etc. to reduce the Knee Pain. However, use of Acupressure Points for for Knee Pain is the best ever known technique as it has 'Zero' Side Effects. The allopathic medicines of Knee Pain are generally pain killers that always have some side effects to your body. Therefore, it is always beneficial to apply Acupressure Points for Knee Pain to get instant and long term relief. The Knee Pain seems common in beginning, but later as it increases with time, it shows disorders like inflammation or swelling around the Knee.  So, it is beneficial to treat the problem as soon as it encounters. Acupressure is a method to apply massage at several points with hands in order to relieve any disease in human body. The acupressure points for knee pain are located on the legs as well as on the palms. The problem of knee pain may be so severe for few people that they find it difficult to perform their daily activities as well.