Auricular therapy for cervical pain works wonders. Auricular therapy is a needle-less acupressure therapy for the treatment of cervical pain. It is a health care technique in which stimulation of the auricle of the external ear is utilized to alleviate health conditions in other parts of the body. In this article we will discuss about the problem and causes of cervical pain, symptoms of cervical pain, and treatment through auricular therapy for cervical pain.

Importance of the neck

There are total 206 bones in an adult human skeleton. Out of these 206 bones, there are 33 irregularly shaped bones known as vertebrae. The first seven vertebrae numbered V1-V7 make up the cervical spine and the neck region. All the head and neck movements are supported by these bones. Neck is the power behind the head. If our head contains the brain, neck holds up the head. So, in simple terms without neck, brain would not be able to function as efficient as it does. Many of us do not realize the importance of the neck until we are unable to do so. Therefore, functionally strong neck muscles determine overall wellness and improve one’s ability to do regular daily tasks. It also makes one able to live an active life, participate in sports and fitness activities. The neck has the least amount of muscular stabilization and its degree of flexibility coupled with the fact that it has to move and support your head, makes the neck very vulnerable and it can get injured very easily.

Problem and causes of cervical pain

The pain in neck often causes a medical problem known as Cervical spondylosis.  It is a very common, age-related condition that affects the discs and joints in your cervical spine, the spine that resides in your neck. While the main factor behind it is age, there are other factors as well. The causes of cervical pain also include injury or sudden jerk. This wear and tear of cartilage and bones often induces a long-term problem. Let us discuss some of the causes of cervical pain in details.

  1. Bone spurs

This happens when the human body tries to grow extra bone(s) in order to make the spine stronger. Now, this new bone can create pressure on gentle parts of the spine, say the spinal cord, resulting in pain.

  1. Dehydration in the spinal discs

There are discs between the spinal bones. These discs are thick, pad-like cushions. They absorb the shock of twisting and lifting. There is a gel-like material inside these discs which can dry out over the period. The lack of gel like material between the discs causes bones to rub together more, which can be painful.

  1. Herniated discs

A herniated disk occurs when a crack is developed in the spinal discs that causes the gel like structure to come out resulting in pain.

  1. Injury

Injuries can be dangerous at times. Sometimes, they can cause problems that can last for lifetime. Sometimes, when you fall, a sudden jerk happens that can cause cervical pain.

  1. Ligament Stiffness

The tough cords connecting your bones in the spine becomes stiffer as the time goes by, affecting the movements of the neck making the neck feel tight.

  1. Overuse

Performing work that puts pressure on the spinal bones like lifting heavy weight on the head or playing games that requires physical movement very frequently.


Symptoms of cervical pain

The symptoms of cervical pain can range from mild to severe and it may occur suddenly or develop gradually. One common symptom of cervical pain is pain around the shoulder. There can be an increase in the pain when:

  • tilting neck backward
  • Sneezing
  • standing
  • coughing
  • sitting
  • muscle weakness
  • stiffed neck
  • headaches in the back of the head

Auricular Therapy for cervical pain

The auricle is the part of the outer ear. In ancient acupressure techniques, it is believed that the auricle contains healing points that are connected to parts all over the body. So, stimulating these points results in better health condition. Auricular therapy for cervical pain helps in reducing the pain and healing the problem. In this needle-less technique, the stimulation of outer ear on regular basis is necessary to solve the problem. It is advised that an expert advice should be taken initially. Later on, after learning about the exact location of the points to stimulate for the problem.


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