Mudra Vigyan Course in Delhi

When we practice yoga asanas, pranayamas and when we concentrate and meditate we can actual realize the intensity of our consciousness and its power. Yoga often involves strong breathing exercises. Mudra vigyan helps a person maintain an all round spiritual equilibrium. Mudra vigyan is also connected to the five elements. We are made of these 5 crucial elements air, water, fire, earth and space. When the equilibrium of these elements is out of balance that is when our body starts to incur ailments. The internal energy pathways are disrupted causing chaos in the internal systems. Therefore when mudras are practiced with pranayama they rejuvenate these energy pathways and rectify the energy channels and treat the ailments. This mudra yoga requires hand gestures. These mudras stimulate the areas of the brain that is connected to the consciousness. This holistic rejuvenation helps clear all blockages and restores balance. 

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Mudra vigyan is a more subtle form of yoga. It is known that our body is made up of 5 elements fire, water, earth, wind and space. When the harmony of these 5 elements is disturbed it results in ailments and discomfort. Every finger on our hand represents an element. 

  • Little finger- water

  • Ring finger- earth

  • Middle finger- space

  • Index finger- air

  • Thumb- fire

An Alternate Interpretation of the Mudra Vigyan Also Exists. 

  • Thumb- supreme soul

  • Index finger- soul

  • Middle finger- action or passion

  • Ring finger- peace

  • Little finger- inactivity or inertia

Let’s talk About Some Mudras

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   1.Gyan Mudra or Mudra of Knowledge

Join the tips of your index finger and the thumb; keep the other three fingers straight. Apply pressure on the joined tips and relax your hand. Hold it for a few minutes. The effect will be on the pituitary and endocrine glands. This mudra will improve their functions. This mudra sharpens memory, enhances intellect, concentration and also helps you sleep better. It promotes spiritual attainment and helps in providing relief from anxiety, tension, depression, headaches and other stresses when practiced regularly. 

  2.Prithvi Mudra or Mudra of Earth

You touch the tip of the ring finger to your thumb and keep the other fingers stretched straight. Apply pressure on the tips that are touching and relax the rest of the hand. This mudra helps reduce all physical illnesses. It promotes body functionality and makes your skin glow.

 3.Varuna Mudra or Mudra of Water

In this mudra you touch the tip of the little finger to the tip of the thumb with the other three fingers stretched out. Apply pressure on the tips that are connected and relax the other fingers. This mudra helps in balancing out water in our body and treats all the ailments related to water. This mudra helps in clarifying blood. It also prevents the pain of gastroenteritis and muscle shrinkage.

4.Vayu Mudra or Mudra of Air

In this mudra place your index finger at the base your thumb. Place your thumb over the index finger and apply pressure. Keep the other three fingers straight and relaxed. This mudra will rectify the imbalance caused by the air element. Practice this mudra for 45 minutes. This mudra will help relieve rheumatism, arthritis, gout, Parkinson’s, and help in the treatment of paralysis. It is also useful in treating cervical spondilytis, and relieves pressure on the nerves in the neck. It also helps in relieving the gas pressure in the stomach.

 5.Shunya Mudra or Mudra of Emptiness

Press your index finger on the mount of venus which is located just below the base of the thumb. Place your thumb over the index finger and apply pressure using the thumb. It reduces dullness in the body, relieves earache and other ear related problems.