Today’s era seems to be less on chemicals oriented products and more on natural products. Where a speedy growth needs to be developed at a faster rate, on the same wheel health becomes the basic requirement. Acupressure treatment is a gentle touch for our body system. It acts and resolves your body organically with a new concept and faster health development. 

 Though acupressure treatment has no side effects some of you can experience some of these listed below:

  1. Fatigue

  2. Soreness 

  3. Bruising 

  4. Muscle twitching

  5. Light-headedness

  6. Emotional release

 The fact that the Acupressure treatment is still in a count is because of his effectiveness in the treatment of illness and pain. Acupressure treatment is basically sending a signal to the body to turn on its own self –healing or regulatory mechanisms.

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How to start acupressure treatment


  1. firstly massage your body deeply and stimulate each point.

  2. Lay down, close your eyes and breathe deeply.

  3. There is no limitation, you can repeat the exercise often as you like.

  An instrument used in Acupressure treatment

 The instrument used in Acupressure treatment is non-specific pressure by rubbing or applying pressure on the reflex zones of the body.

 Some of the common Acupressure points are:

1.large intestine 4[l14] it is between your thumb and fore fingers

2. liver3 [lr3] located on the top of your foot up from the space between your big toe and next toe.

3. spleen6[sp6] about three finger width above your inner anklebone.

 The best thing about acupressure treatment is that it is the basic and the ancient treatment since the Human existence. Acupressure treatment is becoming famous all over the world since it is all manual and has zero side effects with its upgradation.

How can we find a pressure point for Acupressure treatment?

Our body consists with hundreds of acupoints just like electrical outlets. For instance, an acpoint lies in an indentation like the hollow at the temples or the notch between the collarbones at the top of the sternum. Acupressure treatment is not only used for positive but also for evil. The one who practices of some martial arts exploits the body’s most vulnerable pressure points by striking them to defeat in battles. Women are now being suggested to make it a more better point for its usage. As per the safety is secured which actually need more attention. acupressure treatment to many points on the head is helpful for ailments of the mind like anxiety . we can very well say that the acupressure treatment is the must need treatment for today’s generation, where everything is grouped into a smart world and all associated with mind. Ultimately huge anxiety is carried out on the same path but the one you can’t afford is a chemical treatment that will again push on to the same path where you felt out to be. 

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