Acupressure Colour Therapy

Acupressure therapy is a form of Chinese treatment that uses pressure to treat certain illnesses and provide relaxation. It is the oldest form of healing; it is a 6000 year old treatment method that originated in china. Acupressure is the method that uses the method of applying pressure or massaging a particular point on the body. It stimulates and increases the energy circulation in the body. Acupressure is all about applying measured pressure on points on your hand and feet or any part of the body. These points are known as acu-points or response centers. 

There are energy meridians or pathways that run along in your body. These medians are interconnected therefore applying pressure on these specific points will help treat organs or places located on any part of your body. What acupressure does is that it eases all the congested energy centers and allows the free flow of energy providing positive results for the mind body and soul. Acupressure treatment widely focuses on the hands and feet because all the nerves interconnected in the body end at the palm and the feet. The goal of acupressure treatment is to restore health and balance of the body. You use manual pressure in the treatment of acupressure. The acupressure treatment also helps in treating immune system deficiencies. 

Acupressure therapy does not just pertain to treating illnesses it can be used to enhance the functioning of your organs. Acupressure comes under alternate medicine. It is a holistic approach to solve all your health problems. It has been practiced from a very long time. It goes back decades into history. Acupressure has withstood the test of time therefore it only means it is highly effective.

Let us talk about acupressure color therapy. We already know that colour affects our mood in different ways. There are colours that brighten our mood and there are colours that dull our mood. Certain colors suit you and some don’t. Some colours make you glow and some do the exact opposite. There is absolutely no doubt that we are influenced by colours. You can use colours to improve your life as it affects our mood, thinking and emotions. Colours can also have therapeutic effects. Colour therapy is catching on as people learn more about it. There are some general associations with colours although they may not be applicable to everyone because different people perceive colour differently. Colours are basically the visible part of the light spectrum. If we put a prism in from of light source like the sun then we can see that it splits into 7 colours. These seven colours known as VIBGYOR have different energies, frequencies and wavelength. VIBGYOR stands for violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. These colours can be used in the form treatment to various illnesses present in your body.

The colours are exposed to the various chakras in your body that will absorb the energy from the colours and heal you. The energy from the colour that is absorbed by your body will shift the energy that will help in restoring your health. What colour therapy treatment basically does stimulate energy for the process of healing this kicks starts regeneration of cells and helps attain a balance in the body. Colour therapy also helps in opening the clogged energy passage ways

Acupressure colour therapy can be used for all sorts of problems be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Colour therapy is safe and used effectively as a complementary treatment along with mainstream medicine. Sketch colour therapy can act as a catalyst for healing. You simply need to use sketch pens or markers and apply dots on the specific acu-points on your body. The vibration energy will travel through the energy channels and heal your body. Sketch color therapy basically rectifies the imbalance of energies. This will automatically alleviate you from all the physiological and psychological discomforts.