‘Color therapy’ alias colorology or chromotherapy is a holistic approach that firmly advocates about complementary medication besides modern therapies that programs our mind, body and soul to improve and channelize the proper functioning of memory and eliminates the forgetfulness from our individual trait. It is exempted from any side effect and contraindication regarding health issues or threat since it involves the treatment of the patient by using natural element that is named as ‘color’, the constituents of light. Scientifically, it has been proven that a ray of light has a unique combination of seven colors known as ‘VIBGYOR’ (violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red). The discovery of ‘color therapy’ is as old as the existence of light which strengthens our belief over it for getting healed. The prime attraction and motto of switching to this therapy is its efficacy and perfection in psychological corrections and bringing about positive as well as permanent behavioral changes in patient. It has endless benefits affecting memory functions by focusing on each day’s assigned color such as Monday  that is fixed for red color, orange color is assigned to Tuesday, Wednesday has been assigned with yellow color, green is for Thursday, blue for Friday, Saturday is for indigo while violet is good for Sunday. As ‘every special occasion has a distinguished reason to celebrate it’ as each color hides its own vitality and significance in terms of healing or combating mental disorders.

Ayurveda practitioners claim for having energy centres those are known as ‘spiritual centers’ or ‘seven chakras’ which are clinically, located along spines. These therapists believe that each rainbow color is associated to specific body organ that defines its own positive effect on it. The only mantra for being healthy is to maintain balance among all ‘chakras’ but if they go imbalanced then one of the best therapies is ‘color therapy’.

The significance of colors along with the place of associated chakra and their functions:

Name of colors


Location of chakras                      


  • Red


Base of spine

Grounding and survival

  • Orange


Lower abdomen

Emotions and sexuality

  • Yellow


Solar plexus

Power and ego

  • Green



Love and sense of responsibility

  • Blue



Physical and spiritual communication

  • Indigo


Above brow bone but below forehead

Forgiveness, compassion and understanding

  • Violet


Crown of the head

Connection with universal energies and transmission of ideas and information