You must have heard of the phrase “face is the index of the mind”. It is actually true, our face actually reflects what is going on inside our body. It does not just reflect what is going on in our mind but also what is going in our body. Traditional Chinese medicine also deals with diagnosing problems using our face this is known as face diagnosis treatment. In general when we look at someone’s face we notice the pallor, puffiness, acne, dry skin, oily skin etc. they are all indications of health. Our face has points that correspond to the respective organs in our body. When you touch these pressure points you may feel a certain sensitivity or pain in that area. It could mean that there is some problem in the organ corresponding to that point. Therefore face diagnosis helps in treating the problem areas in your body.

The face is one of the many microcosmos that guides about the internal workings of the body. In face diagnosis treatment we focus on the skin which is basically the largest organ in our body as it covers the entire body. The skin always reacts to what goes inside our body whether in the form of pimples, rashes or change in the color of the skin tone. Face diagnosis runs on the understanding everything that runs on the inside is a direct reflection of what is going on the inside, our body has a self regulating system. 

Lets talk in general terms about face diagnosis first, then we can go into specific details. When our face is red it is an indication of excess heat. Chances are your body is storing a lot of heat. In the same way when your skin appears to be pale it means it is lacking nutrition, if it is a bit purple or any other darker shade then it is a problem of blood circulation. Puffiness could mean high blood pressure. 

Earlier I mentioned that your face has corresponding points congruent to organs in our body. say if there a problem in the

  1. Liver and gall bladder

If you touch the acupressure point on your face that represents the liver and gall bladder and you find it sensitive- like you feel it is tender or painful when you touch that area, it could mean that there are problems in the muscles, tendons or ligaments. It could also mean problems related to periods like PMS, early periods or late periods. 


  1. Heart and small intestine

When you touch the pressure point of the heart and small intestine on your face and you find them tender and sensitive then there could be issues with your gut. Therefore treating both the intestines is what you need to do. 


  1. Spleen stomach

If the point for the stomach and spleen are sensitive and painful it means digestion problems like loss of appetite, excessive hunger, nausea after eating, lethargy, acidity, too many burps, and excretion right after eating food, IBS. The sensitivity could also occur when the haemoglobin, WBC, RBC, platelet levels are low.


  1. Lungs and large intestine

If there is sensitivity on the face that represents the lungs and the large intestine then it means that the person has problems in the respiratory system like asthma, bronchitis, and other breathing problems. The person may also suffer from other problems related to the skin like eczema, leukoderma, psoriasis, red rashes, dryness, excessive sweating or no sweating, cold and cough. 


  1. Kidney and urinary bladder

When you touch the pressure point on the face that represents the kidney and urinary bladder and find it tender and painful then chances are there are problems in the skeletal system, joints, and hair. Other problems include lower back ache, pain in the heel bone, cervical pain and problems related to the teeth and jaw. 


In TCM face diagnosis treatment the face is the indicator of health. It is easy to detect any problem in our body because there will be some indication on our face. If there is disharmony in our body amongst the organs then that can be diagnosed using our face. The basic force of life energy known as ‘qi’ determines the body’s energy state. So if there is any problem in the channels or blockages in the channels that could result in ailments. This is actually projected on our face. Therefore face diagnosis is quite effective.