Hypnotherapy for career betterment

Nov 27 2015 1 Comments

Career is the most significant crafter of your life. Children spend their childhood in the shelter of their parents. At that time, they have the cover of their parent’s care and pamper. But with the growing age, trouble begins to shoot. How to make career? Which career suits the best? If failed in one then which next career will be better to aim success? Is the chosen career meeting requisite cash & contentment or not?

Well, no fortune-teller can foresee your future. But hypnotherapy can do it for you simply.Hypnotherapy for career betterment has been showing wonderful result to the career-oriented individuals. A hypnotherapist steps down into your subconscious mind and comes to know your unusual attributes & hidden qualities. 

Hypnotherapy for Finance Enhancement

Nov 27 2015 0 Comments

Do you think Hypnotherapy is magic? Magic is what? Beyond nature or paranormal act is actually the magic. But sorry, science believes in the facts only. Crystal in the hand of a hypnotherapist evokes the image of ‘witchcraft’. But hypnotherapy is, indeed, a science. Believe it actually is!

Who doesn’t want to live in luxury? We all want. Only money can fulfill our dreams of luxurious life. So, we all run to pick and keep it in the pocket & banks. In this cutthroat race of grabbing money, we can’t tell when greed creeps into our heart.



Nov 27 2015 0 Comments

By the end of the workshop the participants will be able to:

  • Put them into helpful therapeutic hypnosis and begin simple change work.
  • Use self-hypnosis as a process for initiating lasting changes in self, easily by using the power of the sub-conscious mind.
  • Induce hypnosis in others/clients and begin simple change work.
  • Recognize the importance of everyday hypnosis/trance situations and utilize these for their and others’ benefits. (This information helps all managers, healers, parents, counselors to help anyone, anytime in an ecological and effortless way).
  • Demonstrate simple hypnotic inductions methods.
  • Have more control over yourself.

Hypnotherapy for relationship issues

Nov 27 2015 0 Comments

Are you sad or upset? ‘What is its cause’ have you ever thought about it? For sure, tears come mostly for  dear ones. With heavy heart, it’s really hard to concentrate on any work. How wonder it would be if happiness might be caught and trapped in the cage to keep it permanently! Sound great! Why not, after all, cheerful heart doubles the energy & positivity in life.  But it’s just a dream since joy and sorrow follow each other.

Hypnotherapy for weight gain

Nov 27 2015 0 Comments

Do you think a hypnotist can bewitch you and let you dance on his tune? Please, come out of this myth! Hypnotherapy is not at all a magician’s sorcery. It is an alternate science indeed. And those who are searching for the reliable therapy for weight gain, hypnotherapy for weight gain is worthy to trust. No side effects, such as bulgy and saggy skin, will tempt you to go for it.

Dr. Jagmohan Sachdeva, the convener of International Institute of Alternate Science (IIAS), has been helping people to come out of this irrational belief in context of Hypnotherapy. His mastery over this therapy includes Hypnotherapy for Career Betterment, Hypnotherapy for Finance Enhancement, Hypnotherapy for Relationship Issues, Hypnotherapy for Chakra Balancing, Hypnotherapy for Height Gain, Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss, Hypnotherapy for Hunger Control & Hypnotherapy for Memory & Concentration etc..

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