Air pollution is on the surge! One of the sober enigma in the terrene; air pollution is slaying us almost everyday. The ailing part about air pollution is that you cannot liberate from it. When you exhale in the contaminated air, granular constituents and other toxic dissipate and enrage the sheathing of your bronchial duct and lungs. Refined molecule from burning char, hydrocarbon deposit, and timber can get abyssal into our lungs and transmit to artery throughout the anatomy.

A 2013 report from the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that outdoor breeze contamination is a major contingency to human health. Major bestowal to air pollution in urbs include bleary from cars, buses, and airplanes. Ground-level puff, which aftermath from turbine and fuel fumes connecting with the sun's rays, is also a antecedent.

Diseases occoured due to Air Pollution:-

This leads to multifarious respiratory ailment such as ceaseless bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, heart disease, lung cancer, wheezing, coughing, allergies and arduousness in inhaling. If you are already suffering from cardiac and respiratory contagion, they will also aggravate due to the immutable exposure to air toxin.


People severely affected by air pollution:-
Though everyone is troubled by air pollution, who are distinctly at contingency include:

-individual with asthma
-individual with heart disease
-individual with respiratory diseases children
-active adults who exercise outdoors older adults
-individual with diabetes
-fruitful women

The level of air pollution can be measured:-

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) utilize the Air Quality Index (AQI) to bestow the communal with an accessible way to fathom the local air quality on any day. The AQI attribute the air quality a aggegrate from 0 to 300.The higher the AQI value, the greater the heal th concerns. When AQI levels ambit on high 100, air quality is ailing. 

To Protect from air pollution and how to enhance immunity:-

As we all know that Chinese Medicine supports the idea that the goal of a good doctor is to prevent illness before it occurs by supporting and strengthening the body and the immune system proactively. Acupressure strengthens our natural resistance to disease by making our bodies and minds stronger and more resilient.These acupressure points below are a great protocol to strengthen the whole body, not just your immune system.

By using these acupressure fleck on daily basis, neutralize your activities, and practicing abyssal inhaling you can contravene stresses, halt exhaustion, and upgrade your immune system. Abyssal inhaling drill alone can greatly step up your spirit level and boost your immune system 
Nutritional therapy also plays an crucial role in building combat to ailment. When we consume refrigerated, preserved, or disembowel foods, we abate our immune system and our combat due to these eatables have been stripped of essential nutriment and grain. 


You can learn the points of accupressure therapy at home and increase your immunity. Click to or log in to for further information.