It is only Meditation which can help you to be Happy, Joyful, Peaceful and Relaxed not depending on the outer circumstances which might change in day to day life.At our centre World renowed Dr.Jagmohan Sachdeva teach various method of Meditation depending on the state of mind and need of the client. We do teach various Meditation techniques to Improve Memory/Concentration, Remove Negative thinking, for Emotional Healing, to remove Stress/Anxiety, to Enhance Confidence, to Enhance Consiousness and Awareness which helps to connect your Body, Mind and Soul. We teach many methods of Meditation God Consiousness, Self Realization, Kundilini Jagran, Third eye Activation, Energy Enhancer, Organ Meditation, Chakra Meditation/Activation, and many more methods developed by Dr.Jagmohan Sachdeva which are World wide Accepted for excellent and quick results. One can join our individual or group meditation sessions depending on the need or purpose. People who can not come to the centre can do/learn the meditation just by sitting at home by Dr. Jagmohan Sachdeva’s video C.D. To order your copy call at 09899031555 now.