The word Mudra means posture and Vigyan means Science. However, the word Mudra Vigyan is the science of acquiring the posture with the help of five fingers which denotes five elements named as fire, wind, sky, earth, and water for clearing out anybody disorder, strengthen the power of Inactive precepts effectively.

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If we talk about are art styles like dance form, religious rituals, and yoga, then the mudra Vigyan describes the untold way of symbolizing each finger to one of the five fundamental factor called punchouts.

  • Earth to the middle finger

  • Water to the index finger

  • Sky or ether to ring finger

  • Air to the little finger

  • And finally, fire to mighty thumb


Mudra vigyan come into existence from the ancient times by our saints, rishis, and yogis. Some believe that god have personally pass on this knowledge to them. The one who argues or have no belief on such vigyan for them it is of no use. Our present science have no sense in understanding the relation of these fingers. One must apply first and then make further judgment. Until then the doer keeps things quiet before the initial step. No one knows exactly where and how mudras originated. All the continents, religions and other professional experts also practice mudra vigyan. They are purely natural and considered basic to our body structure. Hinduism were the earliest in acquiring knowledge and analyzing about the mudras. Other religions like in Jainism, Swami Mahavir jain and in Sikhism also practices mudra vigyan. Guru Nanak dev often showed in Gyan or dhyana mudra. The Egyptian hieroglyphics are the virtual treasure house of mudras. The posture of their kings and queens shown as mummies by holding mudras.


Some of the supreme sciences for the human mind and body are listed below:

  1. Mudra vigyan : the science of finger postures 

  2. Kayakalpa vigyan: the science of rejuvenation 

  3. Brahma vigyan: divine knowledge – theosophy 

  4. Pranvinimaya vigyan: the science of curing the sick and defective parts

  5. Surya vigyan : the science of solar energy

  6. Punarjanma vigyan: the science of reincarnation

  7. Deerghayu vigyan: the science of longevity

  8. Swarvigyan: the science of voice  

  9. Rasayan vigyan: the science of alchemy

  10. Mantra vigyan: the science of spiritual incantation

  11. Samyad preshan vigyan: the science of telepathy etc.


Our ancient belief in 24 diagnostic elements of the body in 45 minutes, some has the capacity to answer within few seconds on the human body. Our Gayatri mantra has 24 words, Jains have 24 Tirthankaras and Sanatan dharma has 24 avatars. there is a very special relationship between twenty-four words of the Gayatri mantra with the twenty -four mudras known as gaytri mudras. The difference is only in there names and in there formations.


Let us know about the mudras and there effect on our bodies.


  • Gyan mudra Vigyan: the tip of the index finger touches the tip of the thumb and other fingers kept in a straight kind just like an “ok” sign. The Gyan mudra Vigyan cure stress, strain, insomnia, emotional instability indecisiveness and help in increasing memory or IQ.

  • Vayu Mudra vigyan: the finger position is unbeatable in quickly removing the accumulated wind in the helps to cure all wind-based aches and pains.

  • Shunya Mudra vigyan: Help with impaired hearing. If the person is having no physical defect, then the mudra exercised regularly. It helps in restoring the hearing power.

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Mudra Vigyan has its many benefits

 The human body is one of the best creations of our mother nature. The human structure combines with five elements, which are the five mudras:

  1. Fire 

  2. Air 

  3. Vacuum

  4. Earth 

  5. Water

These five needs to interact well with one another. if not then they can create severe natural disturbances disorders and physical ailments during the imbalance in the structure of our body system . Fire and water can sometimes may cause imbalance, excess of fire in our body can lead result in inflammation while excess of water in the body can lead to health issues or disease. As mentioned above that our five fingers dedicate and represent the elements. While practicing the hast mudras, the imbalance mudras balance it quickly. Our thumb represent the fire element, the index finger represent air element, middle finger represents akash, the ring finger represent earth and little finger represent water element. Through the formation of these mudras, one can directly flow the energy to the brain and hence, stimulate the different sections of the brain. All these combined elements form the basics of our mental, spiritual, and physical powers in order to stay happy and stress-free. A person can be free from all the health issues. Mudra vigyan has two parts one is yogic mudra vigyan for doing or performing or practicing yoga asana and lastly no specific posture is required in second type of mudra vigyan. If you want a positive and quick response, then you must be physically calm, quiet and should sit in a upright position with straight back. While doing a continuous practice in mudra a person secure plenty of store knowledge in his brain. it will completely uplift spiritually. The mind will felt like complete relaxation and energetic.