‘Mudra’ is an acronym of the English word ‘posture’ or seal and the word ‘Vigyan’ purports science. Therefore, the phrase ‘Mudra Vigyan’ connotes the science of acquiring specific posture by using five fingers which symbolize five elements that are named as fire, wind, ether, earth and water for rectifying any bodily disorder, rejuvenating vigor and awaken the power or strength of inactive precepts internally but effectively.

In varied dance forms, religious rituals and yoga, ‘Mudra Vigyan’ denotes the mute way of conveying ideas, notions, heartily expressions and internal feelings through influential and impactful external finger postures that expresses that ‘silence has the sharpness of sword and the impact of venom along with the relief as of medicine’. In reference to ‘Gherand Samhita’ and ‘Vajrayana tantra’, various ‘Mudra’ have the caliber of lavishing great powers and psychic abilities along with spiritual gains which are known as ‘siddhis’.