Where there exists happiness there may be the hidden presence of sadness too because joy and sorrow are the two aspects of the same coin. The term ‘Depression’ itself demonstrates the existence of stress, pain or agony in our life that may raise its head time to time.

‘Alternatesciences.com’ is delighted to serve you in your needy hours of struggling with depression. Our Reiki therapists work hard and with loyalty to conquer over the invisible yet accustomed disease depression and advice you to never under-estimate the symptoms of this awful disease which are as follows;

  • Insomnia or frequent desire to sleep.
  • Fatigue or tiredness
  • Loss of interest or feeling deprived
  • Unreasoned sobbing, weeping or crying.
  • Annoyance
  • Suicidal thoughts

Our Reiki therapists develop a sense of well being in the depressive mind of the sufferers who have been captivated into the world of isolation. We persuade them to develop the companionship with spirituality using the universal life force ‘qi’ which induces the desperate eagerness to live life openly and cheerfully instead of incarnating negative thoughts that reduce the real fun of life.

‘Compression of qi diminishes depression to wee’.