Reiki Healing Treatment in India


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Reiki is a form of flipside remedy which is commonly referred to as energy healing. It emerged in Japan in the late 1800's and is said to involve the transfer of universal energy from the practitioner's palms to their patient.It is a Japanese word derived from rei means universal and ki means energy or prana. Reiki healer, Dr Jagmohan Singh, says you can heal yourself with the rei or ki around you to get rid of stress and physical ailments.It is not related to any type of witchery, fascination or psychoanalytics, alchemy etc.



Reiki For Acne, Reiki Treatment for Acne, Pimples, reiki healing for pimples


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‘Acne can spoil your prosper destiny’ it’s true to certain extent. Flawless skin represents the disease free healthy skin and acne is a spoiler of such radiant smooth skin. Basically, Acne belongs to skin trouble that can be bred due to genetic, allergic or infectious disorders. Some of the adolescents reach to the door steps of many skin doctors with the hope of their complete eradication from disgusting Seborrhea (redness), Comedones (blackheads and whiteheads), Papules (pimples) and nodules (large pimples) but their novice treatment makes their appearance even worse than before.

Reiki Treatment for Fertility


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The modern mentality of present eon prefers to tie the knot of marriage after getting establishment and achieving financial stability as well as security in life. Although there may be certain other reasons of fertility such as swelling, impotency, fever, pain between scrotum and anus, tumor etc. yet the records of miraculous Reiki therapy have proven that the word ‘impossible’ is not the cup of Reiki expert’s tea.

Reiki Treatment For Pregnancy, Reiki benefits for pregnancy


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The thought of conceiving a baby invites dual effects with it. The former thought is to enjoy and celebrate this auspicious occasion and latter is to feel anxious or worried about the complications that would fall suddenly and hinder the smooth going of your life.

The spiritual science ‘Reiki’ welcomes all those health disorders which seem incurable or impossible to get healed. Pregnancy is a very sensitive issue that has a strong bonding with the delicate and soft emotions of the parents and the near ones. Our Reiki experts have discovered several unique procedures to induce positive energy vibe ‘qi’ into the body of the pregnant ladies that enhances the chances of prompt healing of various pregnancy related health problems.

Reiki Treatment For Wight Loss, Reiki Energy Healing for Weight Loss


Nov 27 2015 0 Comments

‘Obesity’ can be used as the acronym of ‘excessive weight’. People gorge on the spicy delicious food and the sight of junk food invites the hovering of people around its stalls. But awareness should be spread to adopt the healthier food habits and lifestyle so that no ailment can set aim at you to fall ill.

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