Su Jok Therapy

Process of Sujok Therapy for Eyes


Oct 23 2018 0 Comments

Sujok comes from two Korean words i.e "Su" which means hands and "Jok" which means feet. Along these lines, Sujok implies treating on hands and feet.Sujok needle therapy is a characteristic treatment of mending without medications or prescriptions.

Su jok therapy

Nov 27 2015 0 Comments

Su jok therapy has been invented by Prof. Park Jae woo in which Su means Hand and Jok means Foot. Just by applying pressure on hand and foot or by applying seed or magnet on those points health can be restored.

Su Jok is one of the best way to get rid of all diseases just by applying pressure on specific points on the body,hands and feet.Su Jok Therapy opens the blocked channels and improve the blood and energy circulation in the area affected.Su jok Therapy is worldwide accepted for its quick results and healing chronic problems.

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