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Tarot card reading has been misunderstood that it tells about the fortune and future. According to The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, "The most powerful sources of information come from within; the Tarot aids in coming in contact with one's Higher Self". So, it is a way by which the higher power helps you in bets possible ways to achieve the corrective measures of doing things. Tarot reading consists of reading cards. Tarot reading is the best way of guidance for anything in your life. A tarot reader can tell you what is going wrong in your life. Tarot readers have the ability to change your life in the best possible way which can change your life for the best. Tarot readers have this special quality in them to help you in choosing the correct direction in order to chase your dreams and achieve success in life. There are other techniques such as astrology which help you in detecting the causes of obstruction that one might be facing in one’s life. However, these other techniques may not find accurate ways to find the remedies to resolve the problems that one is facing. This is the reason why tarot reading is more popular as compared to others. Let us take an example to understand this. If a person is moving ahead and wall has come in between his way. Then even after his enormous efforts he or she cannot move ahead and hence cannot achieve his/her goal. Tarot reader can let the person know what is obstructing that person from moving ahead which is the wall. And they can tell that person what correct direction(s) that person should take so as to achieve success in whatever the person was trying to do. Hence, tarot reading helps you to change the direction in spite of changing the situation. There are two types of tarot card readings: Question Readings and Open Readings. In Question Reading, specific questions are asked whose answers are either yes or not. According to Joan Bunning, a tarot card expert, questions should have open options, should be focused, neutral and optimistic. If reading is for yourself then the question must focus on yourself instead of someone else. In Open Reading, larger aspect of life is considered instead of a specific problem. Open reading is usually done when one is entering a new phase of life such as marriage or job or anything new in life. And hence a person can transform his/her life in the best possible ways via tarot card reading. We at International Institute of Alternate Sciences (IIAS) provide expert tarot card readers who can solve the problems that are faced by the individuals. Tarot card readers help to resolve obstructions that one faces while during his life’s journey. Our experts at IIAS solve the problems by knowing the root cause such as vastu, negativity, evils eye, obstructions created by others, past life karmas etc. At IIAS, all types of readings are done: • Tarot card reading for Relationship Enhancement. • Tarot card reading for Business Enhancement. • Tarot card reading for Finance Enrichment. • Tarot card reading for Correction of Vastu. • Tarot card reading for Career improvement. • Tarot card reading for Education Enrichment. • Tarot card reading for De-Addiction.

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Any knowledge when gained in detail takes you higher one step in life. With the sole mission of delivering the knowledge of tarot, to the best of our information till date, we are offering various courses in Tarot Reading. Care and Cure Tarot Academy has been started with the vision of fulfilling everyone’s requirement. From short term to advanced to professional courses, various modules have been designed in such a way that you can learn with ease and in detail.

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