What are tarot cards?

The tarot cards are a deck of 78 cards. They have images and symbols that tell a story. It has 22 major arcana cards, and 56 minor arcana cards. The major cards represent the life’s karma and spiritual lessons. The minor arcana indicates the hurdles and problems that we face in our daily lives. The minor arcana is sub-divided into 16 personality traits. The rest 40 cards are numbered divided into 4 suits, 10 cards each that represent day to day issues that we might come across. The 4 suits represent the wands, the cups, the sword and the tentacles. Just like any other deck of cards it also has face cards like the king, the queen the knight and the page. As for the major arcana the cards include like the devil, the hanged man, strength, temperance, the fool, death etc. 

What are tarot cards used for?

Tarot card reading is a form of divination the technical term for tarot card read is “taromancy”. It is basically concentrating your spiritual energy and bringing it in sync with the energy of the universe and predicting the outcome of certain aspects in your life. No, this is not some crystal-ball-seeing into the future or fortune telling. It is not a definite science. Tarot card reading is used more like a guiding tool when one feels lost or confused. You basically interpret situations in your life using the tarot cards and look for possible outcomes or solutions to problems that you are going through. It will help you in making more informed choices. It does not guarantee a sure shot outcome because you can’t make a sure shot prediction about life. Tarot card reading is a means for self-development, making informed decisions, and using it as a guiding tool. You can also learn tarot card reading online. 

How is tarot card reading done?

You arrange the deck of 78 cards on the table. This is called the spread. The cards are spread in a specific way. But the 2 most common ways in which you spread them are known as the three fates and the Celtic cross. The three fates spread- uses only 3 cards. Those three cards represent the past, the present and the future. But this is not the only way to use the triplet cards there are other ways to use the three fates spread like spreading three cards according to the current situation, the obstacle and the answer as to how to overcome the obstacle. The third type is based on what the person can change, what can’t be changed and what they may not be aware of. 

The second type that is the Celtic arrangement uses a variety of combinations like the past, the present, personal hopes and inhibitions the person is going through. Tarot card reading is completely based on intuition and not future telling or fortune telling. The movies have created a false impression on what tarot card reading is actually about. 

How one reads and interprets these cards varies person to person. It also depends on what the reader is going through or the person they are reading the tarot cards for. Tarot card reading is all about working with your higher self. The cards don’t literally mean what they represent. Let us take a look at how this works.

  • The king: this card represents power, masculinity, responsibility, passion, leadership etc. It showcases aggression and an authority figure.

  • The queen: represents the goddess, femininity, love, beauty, and money. 

  • The hanged man: this card represents surrendering of ego, the card is read upside down. 

  • Death: as scary as it sounds, it does mean that death will occur. This card represents transformation, rebirth, power, control, subconscious mind etc. 

  • Temperance: this card represents optimism, higher knowledge, wisdom and truth. 

  • The devil: the devil does not represent the devil itself it represents illusion, greed, temptation, etc. It represents the darker side.

  • The fool: the fool is the wisest one. It is a symbol of enlightenment, it represents trust and innocence. 

These are just a few descriptions of the major arcana cards. Many psychics use these cards as a medium to get an insight on what the subject (as in the person) is going through. While others try to get in touch with the collective ‘universal consciousness’ to find answers. It is totally up to the reader to believe where the power lies. Some believe that the cards hold power others believe that the power exists in them and the cards just help in identifying that. Tarot card teaching is available in Delhi. You can avail free tarot card reading at the international institute of alternate sciences in Delhi. They also prove you training in tarot card reading.