Auricular remedial treatment for cervical pain accomplish incredulity. Auricular therapy is a needle-less acupressure therapy for the treatment of cervical pain. It is a health affliction treatment in which stimulation of the otic of the exterinisic ear is bestowed to lighten health condition in another parts of the anatomy.

Significance of the neck:-
There are total 206 cartilage in an adult human osteology. The first seven vertebral column construct the cervical spine and the neck region. Head and neck movements are supported by these bones. Neck is the power behind the head. If our head contains the brain, cape holds up the head. Therefore, functionally strong neck muscles determine overall wellness and improve one’s ability to do regular daily tasks. The neck has the least flock of stalwart counterweight and its degree of elasticity coupled with the actuality that it has to agitate and support your head, makes the neck very susceptible and it can get wounded very easily.

Problem and causes of cervical pain:-
The pain in neck often causes a medical problem known as Cervical spondylosis. It is a very common, age-related condition that affects the discs and joints in your cervical spine, the spine that resides in your neck. While the main factor behind it is age, there are other factors as well. The causes of cervical pain also include injury or sudden jerk. This wear and tear of cartilage and bones often induces a long-term problem. Let us discuss some of the causes of cervical pain in details.

Symptoms of cervical pain:-
The symptoms of cervical pain may range from mild to severe and it may occur suddenly or develop gradually. One common symptom of cervical pain is pain around the shoulder. 

  • Neck stiffness and pain

  • Abrasive noise or tingling when the neck is turned

  • Headache that may originate in the neck

  • When you are unable to bow the head or stoop the neck, sometimes meddling with driving

  • Pain in the shoulder or arms

Auricular Therapy for cervical pain:-
The auricle is the part of the outer ear. In ancient acupressure techniques, it is believed that the auricle contains healing points that are connected to parts all over the body. So, stimulating these points results in better health condition. Auricular therapy for cervical pain helps in reducing the pain and healing the problem. In this needle-less technique, the stimulation of outer ear on regular basis is necessary to solve the problem. It is advised that an expert advice should be taken initially. Later on, after learning about the exact location of the points to stimulate for the problem.

Auriculotherapy uses electricity to analyse and treat auricular acupoints. The external part of the ear is designed a “Microsystem” of the anatomy. Microsystems are like mini effigy of the whole body, located in distinctive part on the body and in this case, the ear. The ear is a complete Microsystem of the human body. All elements of the body are examined in an inverted pattern on the ear. This is due to the type of tissue that accomplish the ear and due to its direct acquaintance to the nervous system, which curb every single cell and bodily action.

Auriculotherapy Treatment:
Auriculotherapy is accomplished by the medical practitioner using electricity (micro-current) as a mode to diagnose and treat auricular acupoints. There are over 200 otic fleck on each ear that exemplify all parts of the body and many functional areas of the anatomy. Care Delhi will assist you to diagnose by measuring the differences in skin conductivity in relation to the acupoint, and as will also used to treat the acupoint. For further query contact or log in to