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Numero Color Therapy is the combination of number therapy, color therapy with Ayurvedic acupressure. As this therapy is the combination of three highly effective therapies so its results are amazing.
It is very easy to learn and can be applied even on the small children.
In this therapy one need to write a number with the specific color at a specific acupressure point on the hand with the sketch pen/marker. This work by balancing the energy of the organ and enhances the immunity of the person.

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Color Therapy Training content-

  1. Allotment of energies to each number
  2. Ten origin theory according to Ayurvedic acupressure
  3. Ten elements and their attributes
  4. Ten colors to increase and decrease the energies
  5. Acupressure points for different organs(hearts,lungs etc.)
  6. Acupressure points for endocrine system(thyroid,pancrease etc)
  7. Acupressure points for ten mega holes(eyes,nose,ears etc)
  8. Acupressure points for 7 dhatu( Blood,Plasma,Bone etc.)
  9. Treatment of various problems by writting numbers with different color accoding to the nature of disease.

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Adventurous Course

Today I did a course in Numero Color Therapy, at Chandigarh, it was quite an exciting experience. In the demo, I saw people getting cured within seconds. It was like a magic. I am surprised that how a therapy can be so effective like it. I am excited to practice these protocols at home .

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