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Memory is not a part of body like hairs, eyes, ears etc. which you can touch. Instead it is a concept of the brain which helps you in remembering the beautiful, special, sad and other important moments of your life. In psychology, it is a process in which information is first encoded then stored and then retrieved whenever required. In encoding, the information is received, processed and then combined together. In storage, the space is allocated to that particular piece of memory so that it is stored there permanently as long term or short term memory. Last but not the least, retrieval, is the process of recollecting that stored memory.

When you think of a pen and you can imagine its color, shape, and the sound it produces when scribbled on the paper. We can imagine all this because of the memory we have stored about the pen in different parts of the brain. Memory about a particular thing is not stored at a particular place in the brain, instead it is stored at different places in the brain .When we remember something it comes reassembled from different parts of the brain and appears as if coming from one particular place.

Hence, these memories plays an important role in connecting their lives from past to the present.What if these memories are lost somehow? That would be a big disaster and completely disturbs the life of the affected person and the people associated with that person. According to researchers, complete memory can neverget lost. Only the memory associated with a particular span of time can vanish if someone losses his or her memory. There are some common reasons for the loss of memory such as aging or head injury. In head injury, particular section of brain might get affected due to which memory stored at that section is wiped away. Or there might be some psychological disorder due to which people start forget small things they did.

For this, memory enhancement becomes an important factor for living live a healthy and happy life.  We at IIAS, provide a healthy method using acupressure to enhance the memory. We use magnets to stimulate the brain cells so as to enhance the memory. 

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Memory can be enhanced at three levels by using Acupressure. Acupressure increases the concentration power and boosts the following three aspects too

1. Understanding the concepts

2. Memorising

3. Recalling 

This kit Includes....

  1. Training Chart for effective acupressure points for Memory
  2. Acupressure Machine (which is used to activate the points on the hand for 15 secs each).
  3. Byol Magnets ( these magnets are applied on the acupressure points which are given in the treatment chart )
  4. Indigo Water pyramid ( which helps to activate third eye chakra which is responsible for Memory enhancement).
  5. Training video C.D

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