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POWER OF TRINITY “Power of Trinity” is the most advanced and a superior form of healing. In this process, we call three major energies which is responsible for all aspects of life in terms of finance, health, education, wisdom, and relation. Moreover, it removes all kind of obstructions that are restricting our success in life. Three powerful energies involved are: 1. Brahmawhich is known as the power of creativity. It has the ability of creativity whether it is finance or relationship or peace of mind or anything that needs to be creative. 2. Vishnu which is known as the power of preservative. It is beneficial to enhancing the stability in life and preserves the aspects of life. 3. Mahesh which is known as the power of destructor. This energy helps you to overcome all the obstructions of life and removes the blockages that lead to achieve goals. The purpose of “Power of Trinity” is to call those three major powers which helps you to enhance your living as these energies are the basis of all the universal powers.

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Training includes three “attunements” that corresponds to these three energies in order to form a way to go through all the aspects of life.
Here are some examples in which Power of Trinity can help:
• If someone is not able to conceive then there is lack of creative energy.
• If someone conceives but miscarriage happens every time she conceive then it shows the lack of preservative energy as this energy is responsible for preserving and stabilizing.
• If someone is suffering from uterus fibroids, ovarian cyst, fallopian tube blockage. This shows obstruction. So destructive energy is required to remove such type of obstructions/blockages.
• If someone fails in his/her social group then this shows the lack of creative energy. So, creative energy needs to be enhanced.
• If someone is facing trouble in making money then it is also a lack of energy which is required to be enhanced.
• If money is flowing but one cannot hold the money and very easily ran out of money then it shows the lack of stability for which preservative energy is used.
• If a person or place is suffering from black magic, vastu dosh issues then negative energy needs to destructed using the destructive energy.
• If negative energy of planets is overpowering someone’s life then this needs to be destructed for which destructive energy is required.

The training which we provide makes you learn this special power of enhancing your living. Along with the three attunements for each energy special meditation is also taught to boost your aura. This training helps you to enhance your psychic abilities like intuition power, third eye activation to enhance healing power.

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