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Nearly all the alternate science therapies believe in what we call the ‘Life Force Energy’. Whenever this life force energy is low in us we feel tired, stressed, low or sick. Now the question arises how we can fulfill our need of the Life Force Energy, because if we can then that means we can cure everything, or say, enhance the curing process of everything. The answer to this lies in the process of the famous Japanese arts – Reiki.

Being a process to generate and transfer the powerful Reiki, or say, life force energy, it is very much effective and easy to execute. At IIAS, with our long experience we have changed the life of hundreds of patients by treating them by this simply magical metaphysical process and teaching them how to use the energy pre-installed in them. You too can be one of them. You too can be the one who has powers to cure anything in their own hands. You too can be the one who can call the Life Force Energy to heal and purify them. You too can be the one who has the soundest of mind, healthiest of body and divinest of soul. Just be with us.

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Reiki Healing is very popular and effective for the balancing of the body,mind and soul with the help of Universal Divine Energy. Reiki is one of the most purest form of healing which helps a person to grow financially as well spiritually and making good balance in relationships.

Reiki sessions are performed at our center by the Reiki experts which immediately gives peace of mind and makes person's thinking positive. Reiki sessions are also very effective for the aura cleansing and removal of negative energies from a person,place or thing.

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