Reiki Master Degree

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                                                         Become Master in Reiki Healing

Very high vibrational attunment to enhance the healing and psychic powers.

Third eye activation meditation.

Moving meditation to know and fulfill your "Life purpose".

Art of psychic surgery Removal of black magic and psychic attacks.

How to see and scan the Aura of a person, place or thing.

Faster and intense healing methods.

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                                                         Reiki Master Degree

1. Reiki Master symbol and its benefits

2. Very high vibrational Attunment

3. Reiki Moving meditation to know and fulfil the “Life purpose”

4. Third eye activation meditation to enhance healing and psychic powers

5. How to scan the chakras

6. How to see the Aura

7. How to scan the energy of a place or thing

8. Mass healing methods (healing many people at a time)

9. Art of psychic surgery for deep rooted issues of life

10. Boosting the energy of chakras with master symbol

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best of best course to deal with negativity

This is best englitment course to heal and percent all type of negativity

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